Aaron Schlesinger

Aaron Schlesinger RA, CPHD


Aaron has more than 8 years of broad experience in building design and construction through all phases of project development. From feasibility through occupancy, Aaron has led the design & construction management effort of complex projects in New York City and Washington DC, collaborating with and managing the deliverables and communication of vast and diverse teams of designers, consultants, fabricators and builders.

Since joining DXA in 2019, Aaron has led the studio’s effort on projects at significantly varying scales and programs, from a 2,000,000 SF, urban-scale master planning project in Washington DC, an 80,0000 SF boutique hotel, a 130,000 SF residential condominium in Queens, to an 1,800 SF single family residence in Long Island. With the depth of knowledge gained from his extensive field experience, working in a Developer-Builder’s Office, and his passion for ‘just making good buildings’, Aaron brings a level of thoughtfulness, precision and consistency to each detail of the many projects he enthusiastically oversees, inspiring and elevating the quality of work of those around him.

Aaron studied architecture and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture with honors from Pratt Institute.