A new modular home design addresses housing shortage, families’ changing needs

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A new modular home design addresses housing shortage, families’ changing needs

A design submission for disaster-relief housing led to a solution for a modular home design that aims to be affordable, sustainable and well designed in a market that is inaccessible for many.

Founded in 2019 by a team of architects and a healthcare, Liv-Connected looks to address the rising demand for housing, a skilled labor shortage and people’s desire to live away from crowded cities with modular home designs that can adapt to a family’s changing needs.

“We spent three years researching and developing new housing technologies and medical integrations,” said Jordan Rogove, Liv-Connected’s cofounder and COO. Rogove cofounded DXA Studio with colleague Wayne Norbeck before partnering with him and fellow architect Joe Wheeler along with Dr. Herb Rogove to create Liv-Connected. “Our mission was to change the future of home ownership with affordable, well-designed and well-built homes.”

“By bringing unique voices to the conversation around traditional home construction, Liv-Connected has created methods and processes that put the homeowners’ well-being first,” said Herb Rogove, DO, FACP, FATA, cofounder and CEO of Liv-Connected. “This includes a unique focus on incorporating health related tech into homes, providing owners with secure, private and convenient care for preventative and urgent medical needs in the privacy and comfort of their home.”

The company currently offers three home designs. The Conexus Home, built upon the rapidly deployable disaster-relief model, is an affordable, single-family solution, with upgraded finishes and fixtures available. The Conexus Home + offers high-design and high-function with rapid installation, along with available upgrades, including integrated smart home and healthcare technologies. And Via Homes are based on the Conexus model but are designed for people who want to stay more mobile, and have wheels and a tow hitch build in.

The Conexus home modules are shipped flat-packed on a single flat-bed truck trailer and can be installed by either the Liv-Connected installation team or a homeowner’s chosen contractor. Every Conexus home comes with installation instructions. Typically, a crane or tele-handler is required to assemble the home, and within hours, a Conexus home is ready for move in.

Liv-Connected homes can get bigger as the family’s needs change, as they can add additional units to the home.