DXA Studio’s Commitment To Diversity, Inclusion and Equity


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DXA Studio’s Commitment To Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

DXA studio is committed to actively partnering with Minority and/or Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) in their long-term growth and development, thereby enhancing the economic stability and vitality of the communities we all serve together.

In partnership with MRV Group + MRV Commodity (New York based and regionally certified Minority Business Enterprise MBE), DXA studio leads meaningful and impactful diversity, inclusion and equity impact in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Michigan and District of Columbia.

DXA studio design services and project management expertise with multi-family and single family residential, commercial, institutional and hotel design has positively transformed communities in urban, suburban and rural markets. In that work DXA studio collaborates with MWBE’s to procure materials, supplies, equipment and services to also meet the needs of individuals, real estate developers, local, state and federal government agencies.

The pass through benefits for our clients working with our team of MWBE’s includes.

• Diversified tax credit and public private funding opportunities through intentional community benefits strategy ( ie New Market Tax Credits, Opportunity Zones)

• Exceeding MWBE/DBE government funded utilization goals. These promote equality of economic opportunities for MWBEs/DBE and eliminate barriers to their participation in government contracting.

• Population representation to create creditable, sustainable and equitable community development to meet local stakeholder needs.