Renderings Revealed For 10 West 17th Street In Flatiron, Manhattan


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Renderings Revealed For 10 West 17th Street In Flatiron, Manhattan

Yesterday, the Landmark Preservation Commission reviewed the plans for a new 17-story residential building at 10 West 17th Street in Manhattan’s Ladies’ Mile Historic District in Flatiron. This site, once occupied by a mid-20th century commercial structure, is being transformed by Anbau, with architectural design by DXA Studio.

Known as 10W17, the 185-foot-tall building will yield more than 50,000 square feet of residential space and 23 condominium units, including two duplexes. The mix of two- to four-bedroom apartments will be complemented by over 2,000 square feet of amenity space. The project, planned to complete in 2025, marks a significant addition to the historic district.

DXA Studio, the architects behind the new design, have drawn inspiration from unique sources, blending historical and contemporary elements. The façade is inspired by traditional ladies’ attire and the classical artwork “The Vestal Virgin Tuccia” by Antonio Corradini (1743), in addition to other historical sources. These influences translate to sweeping curves, most prominently in the setback at the top of the building.

The building’s unique design, influenced by the intersection of fashion and architecture, features a high-performance concrete façade molded to resemble flowing fabric, paying homage to the district’s garment industry heritage. Approximately 200 ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) panels will be used, contributing to the building’s energy efficiency and modern aesthetic. The building’s exterior will feature a light beige façade, creating an illusion of fluidity and movement, almost as if it is billowing in the wind. This effect is achieved through the careful selection of materials and colors, chosen to complement the design theme and the historic district’s aesthetic.