This 2,000,000 sf in Brooklyn is a proposal for a new mixed-use development. A newly constructed platform would hold the large-scale development over active train tracks which run 22’ below. It creates a unique opportunity to connect pedestrian traffic between the stations as well as offer a major improvement to the region. The multi-phased design will include two blocks of retail on each side of the development, condominiums, office space, restaurants, a hotel, a gymnasium with pool, public park space, and community facilities. The buildings provide views of the Manhattan skyline and harbor, while creating a pleasant street life and open spaces at a pedestrian scale.

Brooklyn Overbuild 2
Brooklyn Overbuild 2
Brooklyn Overbuild 4

A pedestrian passageway divides the buildings into two blocks, creating a public plaza for the neighborhood and serving as a point of entrance to the mall and other community spaces such as the church.

Brooklyn Overbuild 3

Green roof gardens and terraces are connected by passageways through the buildings, composing a connected urban landscape. By placing parking at the center of the block, the less desirable part of the site is optimized while allowing for maximum light and views in the hotel, office and residential programs.

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