Aimed at filing a gap in the hotel market of Generation X and Millennial professionals, this proposal for Manhattan’s Midtown neighborhood provides “smart” luxury rooms with efficient layouts, allowing for increased amenity spaces programmed to attract hotel guests and local New Yorkers. Guestroom types are situated between boutique and pod-style offerings; a unitized angular facade expression contains either a bed, desk, or bathroom component, and acts as an enveloping window of the city experience.

Midtown Hotel
Midtown Hotel

From street level, the angular windows provide greater visibility of the hotel’s ceiling—which can be used as a surface to exhibit of art and technology—while preserving the guest’s privacy. Amenities located from the cellar level to the 3rd floor, and at a rooftop terrace incorporate contemporary technological elements and include a beer garden, bars, lobby, high-end lounge, restaurant, gym, and creative workspace.

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