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The Midtown Viaduct employs forward-thinking approaches to form, fabrication, assembly, and urban solutions that mitigate/synthesize the complex forces of contemporary cities. The site suffers from adversarial infrastructures and is bordered by two New York icons representing a pending surge in pedestrian traffic: Moynihan Station, and the High Line terminating at Hudson Yards. This context serves as inspiration for the project. Like the historic structures it connects, it takes the form of interlaced steel plate work, reminiscent of the industrial High Line and the steel of the original Penn Station.zzThe result is a diaphanous lattice work. Its density allows it to be surfaced, clad or filled to accept programming and landscape. The system displays the forces at work and allows light to reach the spaces below. The hybrid structure expresses speed and movement along the path, providing dynamic spaces and crossing distances as wide as a Manhattan intersection. The bridge is bi-level, providing two means of passage that serve the destination oriented commuter, as well as the urban explorer while increasing the structural performance for longer spans.

The Midtown Viaduct was announced the winner of the Metals in Construction 2019 Design

midtown viaduct
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Midtown Viaduct Competition
Architectural Map of midtown Viaduct.
Architectural Map of midtown Viaduct.
Rendering/Architectural Map of Midtown Viaduct.

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